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The teacher and the Secret of St. Walfrid

Céleste Pruvost spent her early childhood on a farm in Provence, which led her mother Beatrice and her father Jean, along with a cooperative of individuals. From her parents she got not only inherited a tendency to melancholy, and her passion for her garden design has been laid in the cradle. Grandfathers and great grandfathers

father's side are all big "horticulteur" was. So it is not surprising that Céleste developed as a small girl a strong interest in her father's work and the transplanting of delicate plant learned as well as the finishing of cherry trees. Her father was not a man of great words, and said perhaps more than with his plants with his daughter. But he also enjoyed the proximity to the Joint gardeners who distracted him from his marital problems. Beatrice lived in the same court that is indeed, but spatially separated from her family. The excessive drug user often changed her lovers, while for Céleste and their older brother François was not interested. As Béatrice after treatment for addiction Finally, definitely separated from Jean, this will disappear without a trace. With his departure, the remaining group split on the farm. The skilled gardener Jean had its professional skills and his tireless work a significant contribution to the good working of the company and his departure leaves a big gap. As a result, are Céleste and put in a small Catholic boarding François and experience hell on earth.

during their lifetime Céleste continues to find pleasure and distraction in the study of plants - as it is included in the rectory or much later, after an unhappy marriage than their in Istria, a retired gardener some tricks and teach tricks to reinforce their desire to find a garden designer professional satisfaction. The war in the Balkans thwarted those plans. Can they return to live out their passion in France? At almost 220 pages

packed by enthusiastic garden designer and author Alexandra Jansen freshly baked entertaining reading that culminates in the ventilation of the mystery of St. Walfrid. Your very own secret remains, what parts of the novel autobiographical trains. Charmant are constantly emerging French Worteinschiebungen. Occasionally the narrative drifts off into the colloquial and the chance find at a flea market appears to me somewhat contrived. Nevertheless, produced a significant debut and perhaps the author ever enough ideas for a sequel?

Part of the novel takes place in Saaregmünd and surrounding areas. Some time ago we traveled for a week boating holidays in the area. Too bad there is no occasion, a priory led to a great garden or so to visit the garden of the author! After all, remains to comfort the link to the website the author.

Alexandra Jansen:
The teacher and the Secret of St. Walfrid
Spirit parish-Verlag, 2010


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